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Fear Free Veterinary Visits


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Bay Area Veterinary Hospital is a Fear Free hospital. This means the doctors and staff at BAVH want to make your pet’s visit as stress free as possible for you AND your pet.  For this reason, we have made some changes to our check-in and check-out procedures.  As we have always done, an assistant will greet you and your pet at the door.  Your pet will be weighed, then you will be escorted into an exam room that has been prepared specifically for your pet.  This is to limit interactions and other frightening stimuli in the reception area.  If your pet is anxious, we will spray a bandana with Adaptil or Feliway to put on your pet for constant intake of the pheromone to help relax them.  The doctor will also wait up to 10 minutes before entering the room if your pet is experiencing stress.  This will allow your pet to acclimate to the environment and become more relaxed.  After your pet has completed his or her vet visit, you will be asked to wait in the exam room for the staff to enter charges and prepare medications.  The staff will then review medications with you and ask you to come to the reception desk to complete the check-out process.  Again, this limits interactions and frightening stimuli in the reception area.  We ask that you maintain control of your pet at all times and do not allow them to approach other pets in the hospital.  An exuberant puppy can be frightening to a cat in a carrier or a nervous dog.


 DOGS                                      Adaptil Dog

-Use Adaptil Pheromone Spray in the car and at home

-Feed Composure Pro Chews an hour before leaving the house

-Bring your dog into the clinic just for a visit to check their weight and receive a treat from the staff

-Always have your dog on a leash and away from other pets in the hospital


CATS                                            Feliway Cat

-Use Feliway Pheromone Spray in the car and carrier

-Take the carrier out and place it somewhere visible days before your appointment

-Feed Composure Pro Chews an hour before leaving

-Always bring your cat in a carrier


PET PARENTSadaptil and feliway graphic

-Do not rush-your pets can feel your anxiety

-If possible, please leave small children at home

-Refrain from using high pitched voices or sounds

-If you are uncomfortable and do not want to be present-please tell a staff member or the doctor