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Bay Area Veterinary Hospital

1520 Postal Rd.
Chester, MD 21619


About Us

Bay Area Veterinary Hospital opened its doors on Kent Island in August of 1996, offering both Western medicine and Acupuncture. Our wonderful staff has always consisted of devoted individuals and has included high school students and pre-vet students, among other who have a special love of animals

Since our conception, we have striven to provide a wellness approach by recommending the nutritional benefits of fresh whole foods, regular exercise, and limited individualized vaccination programs.

We added Chinese Herbs to our pharmacy in 2003. Then we grew out of our space next to K-mart with only 2 exam rooms and cramped quarters. After one and half years of construction, we opened our stand alone Hospital in Chester on March 3rd, 2008 and now enjoy 5 exam rooms with wide open spaces in which to receive our pet clients.

Our latest, but not least, addition to the practice is Dr. Sharon Albright in June of 2008 with her many years of experience and special interests in dog training and behavior modification.

Please stop by if you are in the area to say hi!

Mission Statement

BAVH exists to promote the best possible health and wellness of your pet(s), by offering both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide a Holistic approach. You and your pets are like our family.
We strive to provide the best quality care and treatment with compassion and empathy.


Practice Vision

BAVH will promote pet health by increasing client knowledge.

Vaccine protocols are individualized and limited in their frequency.

Nutritional and environmental health and safety are of primary importance and aid in the prevention of disease.

In the presence of illness or disease, Western and Alternative treatments are offered for every pet's benefit.

The highest quality veterinary diagnostics and medicine are offered and discussed, including referrals when services are not available here.

The backbone of this practice is pet follow-up phone calls which are made by the doctor in a timely fashion.